WILD ANIMALS Pineapple Black 2022

GURNica - Acrylic and Spray Paint - 2022

“WILD ANIMALS is an exhibition exploring themes of life, creation, death and reality discussed both through the art produced and through the methodology and materiality of its production.” 

It’s been a while since I last had a solo show, so it felt great to be able to explore my entire practice and not just focus on one or two pieces. The exhibition explores many different aspects of my art practice – combining my fine and contemporary styles to produce work that not only stands as individual pieces but combines to become more than the sum of its parts. It was a chance to explore not only the work created but the method of its production. 

A big part of this was the adding of elements such as the palettes I’d used for painting, the paint covered cardboard that lines the floor of my studio, or the sheet which has hung behind nearly everything I have made over the past few years. These were specifically presented as pieces of art, given titles and displayed alongside the work in an attempt to not only show a glimpse of how I work, but to blur the line between creation and process.

The exhibition showcased all new work which I had completed over 2021 going into the New Year, so it also acts as visual documentation of how my ideas and styles have changed over the course of that time.

WILD ANIMALS was shown as part of ‘The Punch’ event at Pineapple Black, and runs from the 28th January to the 26th February 2022